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Trusted Temporary Site Rental in the Bay Area

American Debris Box and Portables is a woman and family-owned and operated temporary site rental company serving the Bay Area. Our service areas include San Francisco and Soledad. Founded in 2000 and possessing over 20 years of experience, we nurture enduring relationships with our clients, delivering swift and top-quality rentable portable restrooms, debris boxes, storage containers, fences, barricades, and septic pumping and RV pumping. Our drivers and crew members will work tirelessly to ensure your construction site or event runs smoothly, giving you complete satisfaction.

portable bathroom units in the middle of the city

Rental Services for Commercial, Special Events and Residential Projects

Our rentals provide comfort, efficiency, and safety for many purposes. Our portable restrooms provide easy access to facilities for crew members on job sites and concert and festival attendees. Whether you’re completing a major construction project or remodeling your home, our debris boxes and storage units will keep the site safe and sound. We provide fencing and barricades for job sites and farm fields to protect invaluable assets and belongings. We’ve served the following with excellence for over 20 years:

  • Construction
  • Special Events
  • Festivals
  • Government
  • Agriculture
  • Emergency Services
portable bathroom units in the middle of the city

How Our Portable Restroom Services Work

We prioritize cleanliness and sanitation. Here’s what’s included in our portable restroom renting and cleaning process:

  • Our rental schedules include a 28-day billing cycle.
  • Toilets are cleaned once weekly. Cleaning schedules may change due to holidays.
  • Our drivers must be able to park within 25 ft. of your Porta Potty Rental.
  • Our toilet cleaning includes sewage pumping, water refilling, deodorizing, surface washing soap refilling, sanitization, and paper restocking.

Providing Support and Guidance on Temporary Rentals

At American Debris Box and Portables, we take pride in our strong partnerships with clients, providing comprehensive assistance from start to finish. We are readily available to address any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding portable toilets, debris boxes, septic systems, fencing, barricades, and more. Our commitment lies in ensuring a hassle-free ordering and scheduling process. Whether you’re organizing a special occasion, public event, home renovation, or construction project, you can rely on our unwavering support.

Choose Us for All Your Temporary Site Needs