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Affordable Storage Container Rentals in the Bay Area

You should be able to look forward to your upcoming home renovation and get excited about the result. American Debris Box and Portables makes that easy to do by providing affordable, spacious temporary storage container rentals in the Bay Area. We offer 20-foot and 16-foot pods enclosed storage units for residential, commercial, and construction purposes. Whether you need space to store your belongings or equipment during a remodel, move, or job site construction project, we’ll deliver a budget-friendly solution tailored to your needs, wants, and preferences.

white storage container

The Primary Benefits of Temporary Storage

We hope you’re excited about your upcoming home remodel! But we doubt you want to worry about where to keep your belongings and items until it’s over. Here’s how our storage units will give you peace of mind:

  • Convenience: Don’t worry about traveling or driving to your unit. It will be right there and waiting for you!
  • Unlimited Access: You can unlock the unit and grab any stored belongings you want anytime. Your items will be mere steps away from you.
  • Safety and Security: Our storage units are built seal-tight and tough. They’re exceptionally resistant to weather conditions and break-ins.

Our Seamless Storage Container Delivery Process

We make attaining temporary, portable storage easy for our customers. Here’s how the process works:

Storage Container Delivery

We’ll drive and unload your containers at your home or job site. No need to drive and pick it up yourself.

Load in and Out

After we deliver your containers, feel free to load and secure any items or belongings you want for the established rental time.

Storage Container Pickup

When your remodel or project is complete and you're done with your storage, we'll return to take it off your hands.

Get Effective, Reliable Temporary Storage Today

American Debris Box and Portables is a family-owned and operated business, and we prioritize taking care of other families and crews. Our temporary storage units in the Bay Area will keep your precious items safe and sound during your home remodeling. Contractors choose us because we deliver seal-tight protection and secure their entire construction projects and operations. Contact us for a rental quote today. We’ll review and guide you through our storage options and help you select which will best fulfill your goals.

Choose Us for All Your Temporary Site Needs