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Crowd Control Barricade Rentals in the Bay Area

If you want to keep people or objects safe from harm, having an effective guard is essential. American Debris Box and Portables will protect your most valuable assets with robust barricade rentals in the Bay Area. For over 20 years, our women and family-owned and operated company has provided reinforced protection for countless events and job sites. We have the toughest, most durable barrier units available at terrific prices. Allow us to maintain safety at the most competitive prices.

Temporary Fencing

Protecting Job and Event Sites

Our barriers provide unmatched strength and support for any event project. Whether you need to control crowds or stop people from entering dangerous areas, our barriers will do the job. Our protective barriers are perfect for the following:

  • Construction: Manage traffic or block hazardous or unpermitted areas in and around your construction site with our durable, clearly marked barriers.
  • Events: Sporting and concert events can get messy. Rent barriers to keep attendees or concertgoers safe and secure.

Get Your Required Barriers Seamlessly

From procuring your barriers to tearing them down after your event or project, we’ll provide you with full support. Here’s how our process works:

Ordering and Scheduling

All you need to do is place your unit order and request the time you need them, and we'll take it from there.


Our team members will come to your event or construction site to set up your units in the designated area.

Barrier Pickup

Once you're done using the barriers, we'll return to tear them down and take them away.

Ready to Secure Your Project?

With American Debris Box and Portables, scheduling a barrier rental has never been easier! We aim to make scheduling and receiving units seamless and convenient. We’ll start you off with a quote detailing your service costs. Let us know where you want your barriers set up, and we’ll promptly arrive with them on the scheduled day and time. We look forward to meeting you and providing impenetrable protection for your event or job site. Choose us for top-notch customer service.

Choose Us for All Your Temporary Site Needs