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Protective Fence Rentals in the Bay Area

If you’re a contractor or event operator, you prioritize safety. American Debris Box and Portables to provide it for you. We offer unmatched protection through construction-grade fence rentals in the Bay Area. We install and tear down 12-foot fencing panels, allowing the people and property you want inside comfortably while preventing the unwanted from entering. We also offer crowd control barricade. This option is great for controlling the flow of crowds during events and festivals. Our fencing solutions will function and operate optimally until you’re finished with your project or event. We’ll provide you with unmatched security and privacy for any occasion.

Temporary fencing

Control Access to Your Job Site or Event

If you have a large-scale project or event requiring protection, we’re the right team for you. We offer crowd control barricade for any construction project or festival. These are great for establishing walkways during events in order to control crowd flows. Our durable 6 x 12 fencing can be used for the following:

  • Construction: Our fencing is specially designed and ideal for protecting construction grounds. If you’re a contractor, we’ll keep your equipment, tools, crew members, and job site safe from harm.
  • Sporting Events: Trust us to secure your fans and attendees on game day! We provide perimeter fencing to keep objects and people inside.
  • Special Events: From music festivals to fairs and public gatherings, our fences are perfect for any occasion.

Add Enhanced Fencing Security With Privacy Screens

Private fence screens block unwanted access and reduce visibility from the outside. We offer screens manufactured with robust materials. By getting sight blockers on your fencing, you can control and limit who can view your event or property and how much they can see. They’re perfect for preventing potential intruders from choosing your site for a break-in or target for unlawful entry. We can provide aesthetically pleasing screens to secure your site while maintaining curb appeal.

Providing Optimal Safety and Functionality

Do you need rental fencing for your upcoming construction or event in the Bay Area? If so, count on American Debris Box and Portables to provide an excellent fencing solution within your budget and timeline. We’ve provided everything a project or event needs to operate smoothly for over 20 years, including portable bathrooms, debris boxes, storage units, and beyond. Our solutions are designed for protection, function, and aesthetics, offering unmatched value to our clients. Choose us to provide unparalleled support for your construction and commercial fencing needs.

Choose Us for All Your Temporary Site Needs